What’s this? Website updates? I can’t believe it! Its been what, three years since there was a site update? What’s going on?

Well I’ll tell you, I decided a while back that I need to start writing more things down, since I’m likely to forget what I’ve done. At work I’ve started using my OneNote notebook a lot and I find that it has been super helpful (if not a little cluttered…). So I thought I would start doing a similar thing at home but I instead of a single OneNote notebook, why not on the web like a blog? I’ve had a Wordpress blog setup for a long time now and I barely used it. I was actually in the process of updating that site when I watched a couple of videos that talked about using Jekyll site generation.

What is Jekyll you ask? It’s a Ruby program (scripts maybe? I’m not a Ruby programmer) that takes simple Markdown, and converts it to a templated website. I find this cool because it’s not just blog posts, but it can be used for static pages as well. Which works for me because I don’t want to mess around with making all my static pages have the same template (I know that I could use dynamic pages, but it’s not something I want to do just to add a single page).

With Jekyll, I can type up my content in Markdown (which I need more practice in) and then use Jekyll to build a static website that I can simply copy up to my hosted web server. I like this because it makes my website crazy fast and my hosting provider likes it because my server uses less resources. The biggest downside I have right now is that Jekyll isn’t officially supported on Windows (and I’m a huge Windows guy) so I have to use either my Macbook Air to build the site or a linux VM on my Windows computer. But since I seem to use my Macbook a lot when I’m working on website stuff (I have no idea why, I just do) it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. So let’s get started with my new site!

I didn’t spend too much time migrating my templet over to Jekyll so, if you see a bug in the template or the site, please leave a comment or send me a message on twitter kfparri